Organizations have mandated a remote work policy worldwide - yet few have offered guidance and instruction on how to make it effective. Business leaders are seeking to answer questions and support their remote employees.

Join us for BDO Digital’s 30-minute Thrive Without the Drive live web series. This recurring web event is intended to bring together Business Leaders, Operations, Sales & Marketing, HR, and IT to discuss what resources and strategies a modern remote workforce utilize to be successful.

During this series, we’ll be addressing common questions and evolving topics over time. Right now, we’re hearing:

  • What are the best tools and equipment needed for a quality remote work experience?
  • How do we continue to promote a strong company culture and keep people engaged?
  • What behavioral changes are impacting the Employee, Manager, and Executive roles?
  • How do we run large virtual company meetings that are moderated – and still engaging?
  • How do we promote employee wellness in a disconnected environment?


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All Episodes

Episode 1: April 1 
Mary Beth Rath (Communication & Collaboration) and Wally Seliga (Technology) will join us to discuss what they have been doing to enable their teams, promote work-life integration, and implement strategies to keep BDO’s remote workforce connected and driving revenue during the past weeks.

Episode 2: April 9
BDO Digital's Susie Cummings (Outsourced Managed Services), Jim Schmitz (Enablement & Adoption Team) & Jill Neumann (Marketing) will be joining this week’s episode to discuss what changes they are seeing related to managed service support needs, change management based on rapid solution deployment, and virtual marketing trends evolving as both employees and clients go 100% virtual.

Episode 3: April 16
Speakers and topics TBD

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