On-Demand Demo

Improving Productivity with Office 365 & Teams

Which collaboration tools to use - and when 

The Modern IT Workplace is constantly evolving. Seemingly every day, a new tool or application is introduced that impacts the way we work. While these new tools empower us to interact and collaborate with greater speed, agility, and effectiveness, the breadth of options and customizations has made it extremely difficult to decide which tools are the right one for your particular organization.

In this demo, BDO Digital's Office 365 specialist Branden Wick will walk through a day-in-the-life scenario using Microsoft Teams as a home base to communicate and collaborate with team members in order to complete a project on time. We'll look at the following features: 

  • MyAnaytics
  • Delve
  • Meet Now
  • Stream

Join us to explore use cases for how Teams can help with the challenges of data sprawl and scattered teams, inconsistency of processes and tools, and ensuring data is secure.