On-Demand Demo

Microsoft power Automate

Empower Your Team to Optimize Business Processes

Microsoft Power Automate is an Online Workflow Service that automates actions across common workplace applications and services to make your life easier. By automating common tasks that had previously been a time-consuming, manual effort, you free up more time to focus on value-added initiatives. Forrester predicts that Business Process Automation (BPA) can cut operating costs up to 90 percent.

In this demo, BDO Digital’s Modern Workplace specialist Matt DiLiberto will demonstrate how you can automate some of your business processes to save time and money.

Automation is no longer just for data scientists - let us show you how you can drive success for your business with automation.

In this demo we will: 

  • Explain the impact of Business Process Automation
  • Walkthrough and example of how to automate manual data entry
  • Help create a vision of automation for your workplace