On-Demand Demo

Data Analytics in Healthcare

Using Power BI to Build Customized Care Plans

Technology is transforming the healthcare and life sciences industry, helping organizations evolve alongside rapid medical and technological innovations and increasing the value of care.

Hospitals, for instance, are leveraging data analytics to assist doctors and clinicians in making real time decisions to prevent readmission after discharge.  

In this demo, BDO Digital's Power BI subject matter expert Sam Boie will show how to use Power BI to create a dashboard that displays factors leading to high readmission risk, and then identify the high-risk patients in need a tailored care plan.

Learn how Power BI can help your team: 

  • Determine factors and patient profile that lead to high utilization, high readmission and high costs 
  • Visualize the data to gain insights at-a-glace 
  • Create a scoring system to accurately identify patients at high-risk for readmission  

This demo is designed to provide specific value to:  

  • Managed Care Services Provider
  • Caregivers and Coordination Teams  
  • Value-Based Care Organizations