The healthcare and life science industry is undergoing a shift to a new paradigm, and organizations are embracing intelligent digital services to improve everything from day-to-day operations, ecosystem engagement, the economics of business and patient care.

BDO uniquely offers an interdisciplinary team that offers insight into clinical, operational, financial, and technical perspectives essential to a successful telehealth strategy. Get started through our complimentary one-hour remote workshop with our telehealth professionals to discuss your immediate needs and gain an understanding of
our three phases of deployment:

  • Phase 1: Rapid Activation Telehealth
  • Phase 2: Care Modernization via Virtual Health
  • Phase 3: Fully Integrated Virtual Health System
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Readiness Assessment

Our team rapidly evaluates your technology infrastructure and care delivery workflows
to evaluate readiness for telehealth integration.


Solution Design

Our methodology allows
us to explore the ‘art of the
possible’ with stakeholders and co-create a shared vision for the future.


Launch & Promote

Our team will work extensively with yours to  test technology and train staff on evolved

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Sustain & Grow

In addition to rapidly launching the essentials of a telehealth practice, our methodology includes a roadmap or investments and actions to expand the core services to an immersive virtual health experience.


BDO’s Virtual Health team will work with your organization to enable critical projects vital to your organization’s mission, operations, financial resiliency and outreach to address the challenges of today while positioning your organization for the future.

Funding may be available for qualifying organizations.

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