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Mirosoft 365 Security and Compliance Demo

BDO Digital has developed a customized demonstration that will allow your organization to understand how Microsoft 365 can protect your business’s data, compliance standards and employees.


Secure Identity

Ensuring that those that login are who they say they are, our team will explore how Azure Active Directory and Multi-Factor Authentication can prevent the wrong people from gaining access in the first place.


Secure Infrastructure

Whether you’re in the office or remote, on your laptop or your phone, you need to be protected against external as well as internal risks. BDO Digital will explore Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft Intune, Incident Response and Physical Security.


Secure Apps and Data

The cloud has now become the norm and it’s safer than ever. With Data Encryption, Azure Information Management, and Trust and Cloud Security, BDO Digital will demo the latest tools to ensure the security of your data and compliance regulations are met.

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