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Qualify for an Onboarding Credit

BDO Digital is offering a limited time $5,000 credit toward a Managed Services Onboarding engagement for qualifying organizations.

Business and IT Alignment

Business & IT Alignment

Define business goals, communication plans and timelines. Define incident, problem and change management procedures. Bring everyone to the table to understand needs and alignment.


Service Delivery Plan

Establish framework for ongoing measurement and continuous improvement. Understand IT environment, user issues, and pain points and identify IT aligned solutions. 

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Tool & Process Design and Configuration 

Configure, test and deploy monitoring, management, and incident management platforms

While most business leaders recognize the importance of IT innovation, their IT budget tells a different story. Research from Forester suggests the average CIO spends 72% of their budget on existing IT concerns, while only 28% goes to new projects and innovations. So how can an organization seize innovation opportunities that will create tomorrow’s success without disrupting the mission-critical systems that are keeping the business running today?

Partnering with BDO Digital's Managed Services removes the barriers to innovation. With more than 35 years of experience serving the mid-market, we have the people, process and technology required to help your organization succeed. 

Contact BDO Digital today to learn more and a member of our Managed Services team will reach out for a quick discussion and take the next steps to see if your organization qualifies.

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