With so many options out there, organizations are suffering from vendor overload - Simplify your security strategy with simple and scalable consultative solution 

BDO Digital will proactively monitor and respond to threats, and report on what you need to know, freeing you from alerts and allowing you to focus on what you do best.




Spending more on security does not always equal risk reduction

While trying to keep up with ever-evolving security threats, organizations are suffering from security overload – the time and cost of overuse and overlapping redundant tools that aren’t integrated or working in unison towards mitigating and managing key risks to the organization.

A Managed Defense trial proves the value of operationalizing intelligent security tools and allows you the peace of mind that comes with knowing leading cybersecurity experts have got you covered - 24/7/365.

Ask Yourself these questions

  • Do you know who is accessing your data?
  • Can you be available 24/7/365 to monitor and respond to suspicious behavior?
  • Do you have the bandwidth and expertise to identify and react to a true threat?
  • Can you grant access to your data based on risk in real-time?
  • Can you protect your data on all devices, in the cloud, and in transit?
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Trial Details


Managed Defense Trial for 60 days with 20 key users

Monthly Security Debrief with BDO Digital Security Architect


After trial, choose to continue with Managed Defense and
pay no onboarding fee 







Funding may be available for qualified organizations.

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