Detecting and investigating fraud is more complex than ever before. The stakes are high and getting it wrong can cost a company millions of dollars – along with their customers and reputation.

Fortunately, there is a better way to quickly and accurately detect fraud in its early stages, or even before it happens.



BDO Digital has developed a solution that combines deep expertise in fraud detection with advanced analytics capabilities to help your organization proactively and efficiently detect potential fraudulent behavior. Our solutions allow you to identify and stop an array of fraud attacks quickly and accurately – while uncovering new ways to save money and increase operational efficiencies.

We apply extensive forensic expertise, adaptive cloud data architectures, and highly advanced analytics dashboards to deliver proactive protection that greatly reduces and even prevents the economic and reputational repercussions of fraud.  Organizations lose an average of 5% of revenue to fraud every year, but most internal audit departments are too overwhelmed to implement data analytics.  Our approach helps you take advantage of our extensive experience in fraud detection by utilizing our hosted analytics.

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Data Integration

Synthesize billions of transactions in the cloud to create a scalable, centralized source of truth
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Identify Hidden Patterns

Make connections and identify anomalies or patterns across disparate data sets that traditional approaches often miss using machine learning, AI, and visualization tools
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Enhance Existing Efforts

Whether you’re using ACL, IDEA, or Excel, our team of forensic professionals will help you identify, preserve, and analyze complex data sets, so you can begin leveraging fraud analytics with confidence

Executive Level Dashboards

Build customized dashboards to allow your team to quickly and easily identify the Who, What, When, Where, and How of every investigation using highly advanced data visualizations



Once you’ve built a strong data analytics foundation in the cloud, our analytics experts will help you move beyond fraud and identify new ways to save money and improve efficiencies in other areas of the business

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