With 300+ million pages of regulatory documents to be published by 2020 and 600+ legislation initiatives in the works, keeping up with compliance regulations is a challenge that most businesses find overwhelming.

BDO Digital Knows Compliance

The BDO Digital Compliance Manager Center of Excellence
(COE) is comprised of advisory and technical experts in governance, risk management and compliance services. Together, our team has decades of experience helping clients around the world to assess, implement, demonstrate, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Microsoft has partnered with BDO Digital to offer a Compliance Workshop to identify which compliance regulations affect your organization, prioritize risk, and develop a plan to get compliant - and stay compliant.

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Configure Tools

Enable and configure tools and services needed for automated discovery process



Compliance Check

Utilizing Compliance Check, scan the data scored in cloud for artifacts that might impose a compliance risk to your organization 



Deliver & Advise

Analyze data, deliver Compliance Report, and recommend appropriate measures as needed



Funding may be available for qualified organizations.


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